Niger Delta

They are in the country providing 'free medical services'.
Four Britons have been kidnapped in Nigeria, state police have confirmed.  Officers in the country’s southern Delta state
The issues of the environmental devastation of the Niger Delta are not simply a matter of water pollution or aesthetic tarnishing of bodies of water.
Prior to this time, the image the world has about youth from the Niger Delta is of restiveness, agitation, kidnapping, and much more.
After decades of blaming anyone else for the ecological disaster in the Niger Delta, Shell has been forced to point the finger at itself. Why else would the company make an out-of-court settlement of £55million and admit to telling lies during the course of the legal process?
Are there any principles that the UK government is willing to stand up for in the face of business lobbying? Apparently not, if documents released through a Freedom of Information request are anything to go by.
Shell Out Sounds is comprised of a group of artists who want sponsorship of the arts from the oil industry in Britain to end. It may or may not come as a surprise to you that BP and Shell are among the biggest arts sponsors in the UK.
Pollution and sabotage are linked in two ways: not only does sabotage cause pollution, pollution also causes sabotage. We know that garbage on the street increases the risk of criminality so there can be no doubt about the effect of massive oil pollution on the risk of sabotage.
The government's strategy on business and human rights will be released imminently. To be effective this must go beyond advice and guidance and set out concrete measures to curb the human rights abuses perpetrated by some British companies, particularly in conflict zones.