I am a supporter of the Leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. He has brought world class economists into the British political debate for the first time in 35 years. He has broken the hegemony of neoconservative foreign policy. He has forced the media to admit the existence of the strong left-wing critique of the European Union. But, just as I favour withdrawal from the EU at this stage rather than once Corbyn's proposals for a Social Europe had been rejected, so I also disagree profoundly with him about the sex industry.
An artist has been arrested on suspicion of breaking Japanese obscenity laws. Megumi Igarashi was detained after distributing
President Putin's confident geopolitical swagger seems at odds with Russia's recent, petty moves to choke the life out of language...
Actress-turned filmmaker Lina Esco is the creator of the hashtag as well as the soon-to-be-released film of the same name
At first glance it looks like any other page in a family-friendly, local newspaper. But lurking within the adverts lining
Porn-on-demand services available to British internet users are mostly operated from outside the UK putting them beyond UK
'All men watch porn, scientists find', was the headline of an article late in 2009. It caught my eye because at the time I was finishing a novel, The Redeemed, which delved into the tricky area of sexual hypocrisy.
Halifax referred to a Lancashire dad as ‘F**k Off’ on a credit card application form, in an embarrassing gaff by the national