Paul Krugman

The president "talks loudly but carries a small stick, and can be rolled," the Nobel Prize-winning economist tweeted.
The president launches a wild new tirade against the media.
Austerity policies were an economic failure and a social disaster but the Tories still managed to win an election with them. The question of how this was possible is crucial if Labour or anyone else on the left ever wants to win an election again.
Why is food in some countries so much better than in others? In a classic essay, Paul Krugman hypothesized that British food turned bad as a result of the rapid urbanization accompanied with 19th-century technological improvements in the preservation of food.
This demonstration has been a long time coming. It comes at a time when for the first time we can really see the true extent of this government's plan to cut the public sector and shrink the state to proportions that would even shock America.
A top US professor and Nobel Laureate in Economics has branded George Osbourne's austerity plan as 'mad', 'a mistake' and
It's ironic that Team GB's amazing hoard of gold and other Olympic medals has come at just the time when the Coalition government's austerity measures are set to devastate the future of sports funding in Britain.
Running the economy of a country is not the same as running a household budget, Mr. Osborne. Look at the evidence; listen to the experts; perform another U-turn; change course and lay the foundation for a sustainable recovery, and with it improve the lives of millions.
Argentina's continued position around the G20 table is bringing the whole institution into disrepute.
As the disciples of Eurozone austerity are being unceremoniously booted out of office, now might be a good time for us to discuss whether the backlash against British austerity, which has been growing since the formation of the coalition, has the potential to expand and provoke yet another government to fall.