peppa pig

Parents are being warned about spoof ‘Peppa Pig’ videos on YouTube with storylines of horror and death. A BBC investigation
I suppose there probably is a market for religious cartoons but I will bet a cool million those cartoons are dreadful. Kids don't want to watch cartoons where you learn some naff pious message. They want to giggle at something naughty. Don't we all?
'Kids are losing the capability of developing skills in empathy.'
Kids’ shows such as ‘Peppa Pig’ are damaging children’s emotional development, a medical expert has claimed. Dr Karen Phillip
Forget about all the hype surrounding Superman vs. Batman, Alien vs. Predator or Hilary vs. The Donald... there's a much more terrifying confrontation brewing in theme park land this summer.
Daddy Pig is a legend. So much so that when I find myself in a difficult situation at home, I often think, 'what would Daddy Pig do?'... While I know I shouldn't be seeking parenting and lifestyle inspiration from an overweight, make-believe pig, if my two daughters grow up knowing they're as loved and cared for as Peppa is, then it'll have all been worthwhile.
I have never worried about my children watching too much television. In fact rightly or not, I have always considered a certain amount of TV as beneficial. My daughter loves watching DVDs and CBeebies but I have noticed - she self regulates.
Obviously as a big fat mummy-blogging bore it is my absolute right to condescend and judge in such a manner, but essentially, I just think you could do with a mate - a mate like me, Mummy Pig.
I assumed that a knowing question about where chicken or lamb comes from would be first, as they don't have a secret identity in the way beef/steak (cow), venison (deer), and pork/ham/bacon (pig) do. Chicken is chicken, and lamb is a baby sheep (awww).
Narrator: It's a lovely sunny day and Peppa and George are playing in the garden. Peppa: I'm better at jumping up and down in muddy puddles than you are. You're rubbish. [GEORGE KICKS PEPPA, PEPPA RUNS INSIDE CRYING]. Narrator: Mummy Pig is in the kitchen, wondering what happened to her life.