"During those early months after my 24-year-old son, Eric, passed away in a car accident, I cried each night when I went to bed."
"When I began to read them, I found that she was not stoic. She had plenty of painful thoughts that she’d never said out loud."
"I knew going into this that I would need to grow a thick skin. What I didn’t know was that I would need it to protect me from those who were supposed to be my friends."
"Had I been irresponsible for extolling the joy of pets when their loss is so devastating?"
"'I’ll show him,' I thought, narrowing my eyes, steam coming out of my ears. ... To get back at him — or get him back — I would have to become famous."
Times The Press Was Too Invasive And Revealed Personal Secrets
"I became the envy of friends who saw photos of me partying with rock stars — but they didn't know the dark secrets behind them."
I thought I was the only one. But the truth is that there are thousands of us united by a loss no one else can quite understand.
Tutoring became my primary source of income when I lost my job in the pandemic. Morally, I don’t feel good about my work.
The first days on an empty ship were bliss. Then it became a nightmare.