Advances in biometrics technology mean passwords may soon become a thing of the past. Voice recognition, which checks a large number of vocal characteristics, including cadence, speed and pronunciation, allows customers to access phone banking without a security number.
Psychological research shows that not only do people miss things because they are staring at their phone's screen, they also miss things when they're looking ahead but talking on their phone. In fact, people conversing on a phone can appear to look at something yet fail to consciously detect it.
So what does the latest Note handset bring to the table? How does it measure up against the widely celebrated Galaxy S8 range? And how have Samsung developed the device to distance it from the Note 7's earlier downfalls? We take a closer look at the device below.
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The primary function of social media appears to be a long, increasingly effective attempt to sum up the entirety of modern
There's still a fair bit of speculation as to what specs devices will be playing host to in 2015. As such, I thought this would be as good a time as any to talk about some of these, along with a few phone predictions for this year.
Nokia hasn’t had a hit phone in a while - and the glory days of its 1990s dominance seem like they happened in a different
Italian marriages are suffering from the digital age according to new data from the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers