pictures of the day

Prince William and Kate Middleton receive specialist pop art treatment at the Imitate Modern Gallery from famous artist Romero
Can you roll your tongue? Barbary Lions can. Ruti the lioness shows her tongue waggling abilities at Port Lympne Wild Animal
Bye bye Berlusconi -  Italy's new Prime minister Mario Monti greets the world's press with the country's economy at the top
An amazing aerial view of powerboats in Florida creates a stunning display during the three-day Key West World Championship
A once in a life time opportunity to see the works of the artist Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery, see an extraordinary
Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel with Barack Obama and David Cameron seemed to have the woes of the world etched on their faces
With the start of November and the threat of winter, one lady has it all covered - Monica Wallace has made thousands of little
Halloween appears to be a royal affair for the TODAY news team in New York, as they stage their own royal wedding to scare
Catch a rare glimpse of some royal bloomers as Queen Victoria's undies go under the hammer at an auction house in Edinburgh
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and David Cameron step into the spotlight at the Eurozone EU meeting in Brussels, Queen Elizabeth