'Holding the door for someone who is not within 3-4 steps of the same door.'
Being polite is great, but it appears that some people can be a little too nice, according to a new Reddit thread. People
Earlier this week one grandma made headlines after her grandson, Ben John, shared a screenshot of an incredibly well-mannered
Today's amazing technology means we can easily keep in touch with friends and family abroad and share our life experiences with our nearest and dearest, but it comes at a price. Our text conversations have jumped over to real life as we shun the use of please and thank you and speak in abbreviations.
Today, an estimated 100 billion emails will be sent and received across the world. How many of those will you be responsible for and will you give them the care and attention they deserve? The emails you send (especially at work) can say a lot about you, so follow these rules and make sure your digital reputation remains intact.
I think I have had it with people. People are not the solution, people are the problem. I drove to Swansea and back last
Fifty percent of drivers in the UK admit to breaking traffic laws, which means that the other fifty percent are lying. Everybody breaks traffic laws, it is what they are there for...
Teaching children manners and etiquette is a tricky business. Thankfully, we've moved on from the days when people thought
Even if you don't work at the Ritz or aren't a chauffeur, do you find yourself constantly opening doors for people?