Revealed: The ‘Nice Gestures’ That Actually Annoy The Hell Out Of People

'Holding the door for someone who is not within 3-4 steps of the same door.'

Being polite is great, but it appears that some people can be a little too nice, according to a new Reddit thread.

People have taken to the platform to share the ‘nice gestures’ other people do, which they actually find quite annoying.

From the people who stop to let you cross the road when other cars are speeding past, to those who hold the door for you even though you’re about five steps behind, here’s what they had to say...

g-stockstudio via Getty Images

“Giving me the right of way when driving if they actually have the right of way.”

“Seeing me eating alone and insisting that I need company. No, I don’t need company; not everyone needs company at a meal. Leave me alone.”

“When my co-workers make jokes (playfully, so I can hear/respond) about me being in a bad mood just because I’m quiet which, in turn, puts me in a bad mood, making me even quieter.

“Or I’ll confront them and say that I am in fact, not in a bad mood, I’m just busy or whatever... which always comes out bitchy for some reason... so then they definitely think I’m in a bad mood. There’s no winning.”

“When a guy that you meet on Tinder or another dating app INSISTS on picking you up for the date, instead of you driving and meeting them. It’s nice and all but you could be an axe murderer druggie thug and I would have no way to escape.”

“I used to take the train to work. There was a 15 minutes walk between the train station and my workplace. The last peaceful 15 minutes before I had to walk in there with a smile pretending to be happy and say good morning to everyone and socialise. A coworker offered to pick me up whenever he saw me when he drove past the train station...”

“When I’m waiting to cross the street in a place without a pedestrian crossing and a car stops for you to cross... It would be faster if you would just continue and I cross after you pass.”

“People offering me food. I’ve lost about 85lbs this year and have 32 more to lose before I get to my UGW (ultimate goal weight). Family members have openly stated that they are jealous of my progress, and when they do this I feel like they’re trying to sabotage me.”

“Replying all on a ‘Thanks’ email. There are 300 people on this, it takes 30 seconds to stop, open and discard per person. That’s 2.5 hours at your company average rate. If you want to thank someone, thank THEM.”

“When the worker at Subway spends five minutes making my sandwich and then thanks me. Always makes me feel bad.”

“Holding the door for someone who is not within 3-4 steps of the same door. I feel obligated to rush since they are holding it. Please stop doing this.”

“Please don’t offer me condolences because I have a disability. Though I often get frustrated by it, i’m not sad about it and you don’t have to be either.”

“Slow down or stop for me to cross the street when I would rather they went ahead. Not nice to have someone waiting on you, and the car goes a heck-of-a-lot faster!”

“I hate it when store employees ask a million times if they can help me find anything. Just let me shop in peace!”

″‘Cleaning’ up my things aka moving my shit around that I constantly use so I can’t find it.”

“People videotaping their nice gestures for views online or to brag about it on social media. Like yeah giving that homeless guy a $20 was really nice. Would you if the camera was off? Probably not. Fuck that.”

“When you meet somebody for the first time and the first thing they ask is what you do for a job. I know they mean well but I’m currently unemployed and it’s pretty embarrassing to say so.”

“Saying ‘bless you’ after I sneeze, especially when I’m having a sneezing fit and I have to say thank you like 50 times.”

“Someone 20 years younger than me calling me sweetheart or honey. They mean well, but it’s very condescending.”