rachel reeves

A clip of the incident shows the shadow chancellor was incensed at the interruption.
Twitter/X moderators point out shadow chancellor "explicitly mentioned rising prices (ie inflation)" in fact-check of Tory counterpart's claim.
Mark Carney says it's time for Rachel Reeves to be chancellor.
The shadow chancellor said the party was "ready to serve, ready to lead, ready to rebuild Britain".
The Bank of England hiked the rate by higher than expected to 5%.
"We could lose the election over own goals like this," said one Labour insider.
The shadow chancellor said she wouldn't be "reckless with the public finances".
The chancellor handed the perk to high-earners in the Budget.
The shadow chancellor also questioned why the corporation's Tory donor chairman has kept his job.
"A badge of shame for the prime minister and his failing Tory government".