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George Osborne has said he will focus "110%" on pulling the UK economy out of recession in the wake of a warning from the
Few events in the political calendar underline quite so graphically the power of the government and the impotence of the opposition as much as the Queen's speech. Backed by all the pomp and finery the British state can muster, the Gracious Address, to give it its proper title, affords the government the opportunity to draw a line under past difficulties, and turn a somewhat dry recitation of its legislative programme into a demonstration of its political priorities. The shadow cabinet should seize on this year's Queen's speech to provide its own 'shadow Queen's speech' as a way of demonstrating how Britain could be different under Labour.
Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and I have set two tests for George Osborne's budget today. First, will it get our economy moving - delivering the jobs and growth we need to get the deficit down? And second, will it be fair to families on low and middle incomes now bearing the heaviest burden of Osborne's spending cuts and tax rises?
More than 500 business leaders called today for the "damaging" 50p top rate of tax to be ditched in the budget. Entrepreneurs
Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Rachel Reeves has acknowledged that Labour must restore trust with the public on the
More than 200,000 families working part-time will lose out on £4,000 a year in tax credits under changes planned by the government
The government will come under greater pressure to tackle rising youth unemployment and bankers' "excessive" bonuses on Monday
Women are facing a "sea of disregard" from the government, the chair of Labour's commission on women's safety has warned
Ed Miliband has called for a "more responsible capitalism" following news that the number of unemployed young people hit
Good morning Lemmings and welcome back? If that greeting doesn't sound particularly resounding it is because last night's episode was so dull that I'll be genuinely surprised if anyone who watched the whole thing can summon the will to actually get out of bed today, let alone operate a computer.