Red Sea

The authorities say diving is 'no problem.'
AfriForum On Thursday announced it would be pursuing a private prosecution against EFF Leader Julius Malema.
Egypt's Red Sea coast runs from the Gulf of Suez in the north to the Sundanese border in the south. It is, effectively, the east coast of mainland Egypt looking across the sea to Sinai. Looking away from the desert and out from the coastline, you will find islands reachable on short boat trips and each with their own individual appeal.
Where do you go when you are a single mum with a lively 13-year-old son? It is not easy as everything holidaywise is set up for more conventional families. You need somewhere safe for the young to feel free, when there aren't two of you to keep an eye out; where there is plenty of everything to do and the atmosphere is kindly and relaxed.
A five-year-old British girl who died in a pool at a hotel in Egypt has been named by her family, according to reports. The
Water, not settlements, should be President Barrack Obama's concern during his visit to Israel. Why? Because water is the one resource Israel and the West Bank Palestinians have in common with the Jordanians. And it's a project they are working on together.
Day glo: These shots were taken on the bed of the Red Sea The bed of the Red Sea is transformed into a neon disco in these
British police have made a plea for help in tracing a woman who vanished after travelling to the Middle East for work. Karen
Several people have been killed in a series of attacks on vehicles which have taken place in southern Israel.