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In this version of King Lear at the National Theatre, Sam Mendes and Simon Russell Beale have created a dark, violent depiction of the last days of a mad dictator.
Sam Mendes' return to the James Bond canon bodes well for a franchise which has struggled for successive successes since the Sean Connery era. Not commercially, of course, but critically... However excellent Skyfall was it had plenty of flaws, so here are five ways for Mendes to make Bond 24 a better Bond outing.
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It looks like James Bond will have his 'Skyfall' director, Sam Mendes, at the helm of the next film - currently tagged 'Bond
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After the film's BAFTA and SAG awards, there should be no need to convince you that this is a film worth checking out, Bond fan or not.
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Ultimately, I think it might just not be permissible to make an old-school Bond movie in today's social climate. A movie where women are objects of desire, men are either baddies or assistants, and emotions are drowned out by gunfire and martinis. It's sad, because in my eyes Bond is harmless male fantasy, nothing sinister or threatening. I hope the tempering of the franchise's escapist edge is just down to the whim of a certain group of sensitive filmmakers.
Leaving the cinema, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. A sense of achievement. Not because our blue-eyed Bond had foiled the evil schemes of a peroxide partisan but because the film captured a true sense of contemporary British identity.
Dear Sam Mendes, then, can I just say: thank you. Thank you for a Bond movie - finally! - that I'm not embarrassed to have enjoyed.
Casino Royale took leaves out of Jason Bourne's book, Quantum of Solace took chapters and Skyfall takes its own leaves too, but from Ian Fleming's source material of MI6's most famous agent. The 23rd James Bond film is a wonderful homage to the unrivalled Sean Connery era.
I left the cinema feeling cheated. This was meant to be a James Bond film. They could have replaced the long dialogue scenes with more action, they could have replaced the darkness with more elements of fun, they could have.... they could have....... they could have made it better.
Craig has confessed his own vanity helped motivate him to get fit for new James Bond film 'Skyfall'. The 44-year-old actor
'Skyfall' receives its world premiere at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday and will finally arrive in cinemas this Friday