The DFE has also yet to answer questions about the ways in which data collected by such inappropriate tests are to be stored; what uses will be made of them and how long they will be retained. For example, might schools use such data to set and stream children in the early primary school period?
As the Anglophone world prepares to move with trepidation into a new phase in its history, with the inauguration of Donald Trump and the beginnings of the Brexit negotiations, a quieter revolution is also under way which has equal potential to change society.
When this summer's SATs results revealed a sharp decline in 11-year-olds reading at the expected level for their age (from
Key Stage 1 SATs tests may sound scary, but they really are nothing to fear. It's simply a formal name for an informal activity. So just relax and let your children continue working at their own pace. The more comfortable they feel both inside and outside of the classroom, the better.
'Ben Twist is made up of many other skills and talents.'
During the past two months there's been a flurry of negative reports about primary school tests, from parents keeping their children off school in protest, to headteachers considering resignation following the SATS results. Meanwhile, children are stuck in the middle and can become confused and stressed over the pressure of revision and exam results.
“I am writing to congratulate you on your attitude and success in completing your end of key stage SATs,” the letter to Ben
'I believe this is a good start that vindicates our decision to raise standards.'
'Today's results must not be compared to data from previous years.'
See here for KS2 SATs results 2017 Children who took their Year 6 SATs exams in May 2016 achieved results “higher than expected