'I apologised to my children about the last four questions - too hard!'
Statistics published by Childline on Friday 11 May show that children across the country are “overwhelmed” by stress and
Thousands of children are turning to Childline because they are “overwhelmed” by stress and anxiety during the school exam
'Share this to show we value teachers who see our kids as growing people.'
As Mental Health Awareness week begins, the Mental Health Foundation commented: 'rather than ask why so many people are living
A mum has praised her son’s headteacher for sending his pupils some words of wisdom about their SATs revision. Eliza Lawson
Most parents can help create a revision timetable and advise on common mistakes like time management, not ticking the correct number of boxes, copying numbers wrongly or misreading instructions, but our children need to understand technique and what's usefu
Year Six children don't walk out of school at the end of the year with a SATs qualification - again, this is for the school and not for the children; yet all of Year Six is geared around SATs. So the truth is that teachers are not teaching for learning - they are teaching for a test. This is where the damage is done.
I will also explain to him that because of his bravery and courage he was able to prepare for his SATS despite the huge trauma he has been through in the last 16 months. I will tell him that his results will differ from his friends because: