The Office for Nuclear Regulation announced the decision today.
Secret trip to meet activists, but no public campaigning yet
Labour activists in Cumbria have pleaded with Jeremy Corbyn to strongly support nuclear power amid fears that the issue is
Plutonium and uranium has been stored in plastic bottles, he warns.
A fire at Britain’s most hazardous nuclear site would create a “plume of radiological waste that will go across Western Europe
Four years ago, when I was in school and pregnant with my daughter, without a clue how to move my future forward or how I was going to support my family - I never thought I would be aiming for the top. I don't see why anyone else can't do that too; move outside your comfort zone, never stop learning - be the best that you can be.
One of the main areas that I think continually needs focus is how best to attract more young women into the nuclear industry. There remains a fundamental problem with apprentices, particularly in engineering, that it's all greasy overalls and spanners.
Much has been written about a skills gap in my industry. Nuclear has an ageing workforce and we desperately need to get more young people to see it as a place where they can grow a career if Britain is to remain at the forefront of the industry worldwide.
The Sellafield nuclear site will be operated at "reduced manning levels" today following "the detection of elevated levels
A train has derailed on Thursday morning following a landslide in Cumbria. The two carriage passenger train struck a landslide
A nuclear reprocessing site which has been in operation for 20 years is to close in 2018 after current contracts are completed
The Mox nuclear fuel plant at Sellafield will be closed on Wednesday afternoon, with the loss of about 600 jobs. The closure