sharon hodgson

It is clear that charities and volunteers cannot provide support to people on low incomes on their own; the government must step in too, writes Labour MP Sharon Hodgson.
Sharon Hodgson devastated stillborn Lucy got no birth or death certificate.
The pharmacy giant promised to cut the price of the morning after pill.
A spokesperson for Boots said it “firmly believed in the right of all women” to access the service, which is available free
'Jeremy has failed to fulfil the parliamentary aspect of his role from day one.'
A senior Labour MP has written a damning account of working with Jeremy Corbyn, as she announced her support for his leadership
The most important element of any market for a consumer is knowing exactly what you're buying, and who from. Unfortunately, many of the tickets listed on these websites don't provide buyers with adequate seat details, and none of them provide any details about who you're buying from - whether it's a fellow fan, a commercial-scale tout, or even the event-holder themselves. That's why we're recommending that resale sites and those that use them should be legally required to provide this most basic of information to inform consumer choice.
Culture secretary Sajid Javid has been accused by MPs of being "out of touch with ordinary fans" for refusing to regulate
Nobody should ever judge mothers on the choices they make when it comes to balancing work and family life; it should always be a personal choice. But this choice needs to be a meaningful one, not simply picking the least worst option. Unfortunately, this still isn't the case for far too many women. We can and we must do better.