sleep revolution

Forty winks, shut-eye, Bo-Peep, whatever us Brits choose to call sleep, the truth of the matter is we're not very good at
The focus on productivity in society has breached many aspects of our lives, we risk falling into the trap of seeing sleep as an inconvenience, a hindrance to productivity and time that could be better 'spent' elsewhere. In truth, sleep is one of the best investments of our time and in ourselves.
Every week another set of people flock to join the gym or embark on another fad diet to improve their health yet the rise in the number of people getting less than six hours sleep continues to grow and is certainly a concern - we need to stop sidelining sleep and start making it a priority.
We know from experience that sleep deprivation leads many of the families that we work with into crisis. When we are sleep deprived it is incredibly difficult to function, and research has shown that sleep deprivation can be linked to depression, weight issues and even childhood growth patterns. It is time to address the issue and educate children about sleep.
Whether you have occasional poor sleep or downright chronic insomnia, don't for a slightest moment think that dangerous, addictive sleep drugs are your only answer. Instead, take a close look at what may be behind your "night owl syndrome" so your restless nights can finally come to an end. Imagine, sleeping soundly like a baby every night!
In my early twenties, I was far more flippant about my need for sleep than the point that I've reached now - I'm no longer willing to accept it. Writing and thinking about it now has made me even more determined. I deserve to sleep well, and I will. I'm making three pledges to myself:
Sleep is something we all have in common - it's one of humanity's great unifiers. It binds us to one another, to our ancestors, to our past, and to the future. No matter who we are or where we are in the world and in our lives, we share a common need for sleep. And right now, we're in a sleep crisis... At the same time, in the last four decades, science has validated much of the ancient wisdom about the importance of sleep. We've made incredible discoveries about all the things going on in our brains and our bodies while we're sleeping...