Social Business

Thanks to Social Media, voice of customers are just begun to be heard - but not by brands but by other Social Media users (to leave brands with no choice other than genuinely get involved). Now it's the time to wait and see how Carphone Warehouse and HTC are going to resolve this issue.
There's been a buzz of activity around the fact that we at Investment Impact are a social business lately.
Change is inevitable. Talking about change and not making it happen has been a common practice in the world of Social Media
It's been quite a while businesses and organisations believed Social Media is a new and did number of experiments; some failed but some earned brand loyalty. Typically those failed in their Social Media vision failed to acknowledge listening to their customer and engage with them.
Social Media is slightly less complicated than rocket science, but with no doubt it is a phenomenon which changed the way people communicate with one another.
No matter how good PR brands create for their current objectives, but their past history play an incredibly important role
I was on a three hour train journey the other day. The staff were perfectly friendly but the way they worked was quite farcical
Social Media is not a new medium, it's been around forever, since we learned how to engrave shapes on the walls of our first
The social business is a new type of constantly evolving organisation with its ear to the ground that effectively and quickly generates internal change in response to external stimuli.
I started a business. It made me want to drink copious quantities, smoke myself into oblivion and hit my head against a brick