Sony Music

Two people have been stabbed and one person has been arrested at the Sony Music building on Derry Street, Kensington in London.
The owner of Mr Vinyl breaks it down for us.
I was for the first time, in attendance at one of the spectacular dashing Brits After Parties, dancing the night away, alongside many of the celebrities (it was a first for me, I'm usually tucked up in bed, watching the Brits on TV), but not this year!....
When I wrote about my friend Pamela Polland last year, in a desperate search for her lost 1973 master tapes, I entertained little hope that we would find them. After all, Sony, the tapes' actual owners, had searched in 2006 without success.
Apple looks set to launch its 'iRadio' music streaming service on Monday after Sony Music signed on at the last minute. The
Apple is closer than ever to launching its own 'iRadio' music streaming service after another major label apparently agreed
Shea refers to her desire to avoid the over-embellishment too often heard in the vocal styles of singers intent upon demonstrating 'their range', a general technique which instead makes them sound as if they are crying out in pain while tumbling down a flight of stairs.
When I sat down to write a few words on this year's SXSW in Austin, Tx I was thinking 500, maybe a 1000 would be sufficient to sum it up. I was wrong. Put in seven simple words, SXSW is THE BEST INDUSTRY EVENT ON THE PLANET!
The MiniDisc is finally dead. Sony has announced that after 21 years it will stop producing players for the small CD cassettes
What's going on world my name is Maxsta. How do you do? If you don't know who I am - well I make grime music and rap music and anything, you see, I make a hybrid of music. I don't just make one genre. Maxsta is London. I'm signed to SONY RCA. And I'm ready to go.