student housing

Students were evacuated to safety on Monday and have been barred from returning to their seafront homes after hurricane-force
As a uni student, money isn't exactly easy to come by, but that doesn't mean you can't spruce up your pad for Christmas. However
London students built a "cardboard city" outside a property student housing conference to protest against high rates which
UPDATE: It's a fake. Darn. Students from Bournemouth University were sent an indignant letter demanding they stop engaging
Half of students have fallen ill due to living in cold accommodation, saying they cannot afford heating, research has revealed
Rumour goes it's a student apartment, and, although we can't confirm this, we thought we'd share it with you anyway - because
After you’ve finished not doing the washing up, could you come in late again and leave the back door open? Cheers. Living
Bills are a total bore and they eat up beer money, but unfortunately they're a pretty necessary expense. But there are ways
Students have long had a reputation for partying hard but it seems a new breed of student is emerging - and they're ditching
Hundreds of students have been forced off campus after their university accepted too many undergraduates, without being able