Supply chain

The government has emphasised that there is "plenty" of food in the supply chain.
Meet the entrepreneur pioneering sustainable fishing in Britain
Promotional feature from NatWest
How would your business partners react if they discovered your emails had been infecting their systems with malware?
As we increasingly see robots enter into our private and public lives and hear dramatic projections of mass automation, it's worth remembering that they have long been a reality in the world of manufacturing. Since the 1960s, large, industrial robots have been used in industries such as automotive, to speed up processes and relieve humans from more strenuous tasks. These gains inevitably led to growth, which in turn created more jobs.
The parastatal started speaking to Tegeta about a possible contract before it received a water licence.
In today's connected world securing your own network is simply not enough. Today your digital risk extends not only to your own servers, PCs and other devices in your offices and other locations; it also extends to your mobile workers and other staff working from home, customer sites and other remote locations. But the third, and often ignored, area of digital risk is your supply chain; companies that have access to your employee and customer information.
The next time you bite into a ripe strawberry or spread strawberry jam on your toast, spare a thought for the women who are
We need new champions of this technology who can help manufacturers understand the impact it can have on supply chain and product design. To create these leaders of the future we need to educate and inspire the next generation of designers and engineers to ensure we have the right talent to continue to grow the industry.
Behind each of these scandals is a dangerous lack of knowledge about the factories producing these consumer goods, and more importantly little communication with the factory workers on a micro level.
What supply chains were missing can now be achieved with the combination of mobile computing, and cloud services, all of which are influenced by the rise of IoT. This will change how the delivery & fulfillment companies are performing their operations & related services.