tax credit cuts

The South Cambridgeshire MP has not been afraid to stand up to her own party
In Heidi Allen’s office, there is a framed quotation from Margaret Thatcher: “If you just set out to be liked, you will be
Oh, Oldham West. Poor, poor Oldham West. By the time you read this article, we might already know the results of Thursday's
George Osborne's defeat over proposed cuts to Tax Credits in the last week of October is the first major defeat for the Cameron government, and as such it is also a significant puncturing of its inflated hubris and wholly imaginary 'mandate'.
Russell Howard has blasted George Osborne for slashing tax credits while simultaneously refusing to ditch VAT on tampons
The Chancellor's flawed and ill-thought out cuts to tax credits were put on ice by the House of Lords this week. Now he has to bring new proposals forward. There are 3.3million families, 5,300 of them in my constituency, worrying about what he will do.
PMQs today made it pretty clear: Corbyn is starting to employ that headmaster stare. Today, it went from a rather stern warning look to a full-on, narrow-eyed, flashing-gazed glare at the Tory front bench who promptly erupted from muffled laughter to full-on cheers, accompanied by the classic chanting of "Ooooh", which reminded me all too strongly of schooldays seated in front of a well-intentioned but sadly incompetent supply teacher.
Fans of 'The Apprentice' have called for a boycott of the show after Karren Brady voted in favour of tax credit cuts in the
We often hear the government talking about for incentives for people to work, that work should pay. This proposal seemed to me and others to be a punishment on those honest families who are doing their very best to provide for their families...
David Cameron has moved swiftly to exact revenge on the Upper House following twin defeats in the Lords on Monday evening