The Mighty Boosh

British comedies are coming under increased scrutiny for their portrayal of Black people. Little Britain, The Mighty Boosh and Bo’ Selecta! have been removed from streaming services. But this isn't the only trope that comedies in recent decades have used in their portrayal of Black and minority ethnic people. We spoke to comedian and journalist Ava Vidal about these recent events.
Former ‘Mighty Boosh’ star Julian Barratt has challenged The Great British Bake Off’s Sandi Toksvig to a fight - and it’s
For the past 15 years photographer, designer and Mighty Boosh member Dave Brown has spent as much time behind his camera lens as he has preforming in a gorilla suit. Brown, who first met Noel Fielding at university, has had his camera close to hand since the comedians earliest days.
Here's a list. Not a television show of a list but a real list written in real words. The topic? The finest alternative comedy shows ever produced for UK television...that you've never watched.
Noel Fielding has revealed he and Julian Barratt are "finally" getting to work on The Mighty Boosh movie. The film adaptation
With the London lootings still fresh in our mindbrains, I am often asked for my expertise on the situation. Why? Because I am a professional rebel....and a jerk.
"Maybe the London riots were misunderstood tiny acts of rebellion," says Rich Fulcher, sitting in The Library Bar of Edinburgh