Last week, over two days I experienced two separate acts of transphobia. It has taken me a while to process this and find the words to write about it. I could ignore it, I could move on and let it be, but I don't feel that I would be accurately describing life as a trans* person if I ignored the acts of hate or ignorance that become part of our daily lives.
Ask yourselves whether you would be comfortable answering such questions. I also urge you to take it further than just ask questions - be curious, care about these issues and see how you can help. Educate yourselves and help educate others. Because we need allies in this fight and you might just be that ally if you care enough.
Our criminal justice system is failing trans prisoners. Last week a woman died in a male only prison and a couple of weeks ago, another woman had to be moved for her own protection. The Government must take action now. If they do not, more will face abuse and distress and I fear more lives may be lost.
The University of Bristol's LGBT+ Society has issued a series of steps for concerned members of the public who find themselves
I am very aware that I am lucky to be gay in the UK now, and we are so lucky that spaces such as gay clubs exist, however the sexual systems within which we move in these spaces are problematic for someone like me: here, I feel as though I don't sexually belong.
There are between 65,000 and 300,000 transgender people in the UK, and everyone, including politicians, need to challenge the unthinking attitudes that often pervade about transgender people, and that begins by at least talking about them. In a small way, this could move the debate forward, put it on the political landscape and reframe the debate into something more positive.
A coroner has launched a scathing attack on the "sensational and salacious" press coverage of a transgender teacher who later