An American journalist held by pro-Russia militia in Ukraine's east is a "bargaining chip" for the activists to deal with
When I asked for Blog Del Narco for Christmas this year, I highly doubt my parents were expecting quite the shock they got Christmas morning. One cannot simply flick through the accounts written by the Mexican journalist and computer scientist who dared to report what others were getting 'disemboweled and hung off a bridge' for.
Consider Red Bull's space jump. Being oft-cited doesn't make it less instructive. Both Saatchi's poster and Red Bull Stratos are acts of sheer audacity and absolute bravery.
VICE, that principled and occasionally self-righteous media outlet, is reportedly lining up a new director - James Murdoch
I guess the answer is don't give up on the large television companies just yet. Yes, there will be huge pressure from the new guard of Netflix, Google, Vice and Amazon all wanting a slice of the content market. But right now the number one light entertainment shows on both sides of the continent are still Pop Idol and the X Factor
Adri co-pioneered the web series Slutever back in April last year - setting not only the tone for her visual identity as a director, but her expertise in creating branded content that truly satisfies both the consumer/viewer and the agenda of the brand.
Suicide is a permissive act. It serves as a demonstration of a possible solution or even a method of communication and, consciously or not, vulnerable people respond to it. The contagiousness of suicide is just one of the many reasons journalists have a responsibility to cover it responsibly.
O'Sullivan writes about wanting a space where men feel comfortable to speak, and I can sympathise - feminism exists, in part, to give women the voice that they were so sorely lacking in mainstream society.
Something about the music industry gives you the ability to find energy even when you're running on empty. Reminiscing about the night before always makes you realise just how magical some of your experiences can be.
An incredibly innovative real-time 3D film produced entirely in WebGL has been published online - and it might be the most