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Voting leave is not about isolation and building up walls, it is about breaking down barriers and having the freedom to develop great relationships with more countries in Europe and beyond. There is a big world out there, full of opportunity.
The financial journalist confirms what he told Huff Post UK in February
Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis confirmed today he will vote for the UK to remain in the EU. The financial journalist, cited
'I'm going to vote leave but PLEASE do not let this concert go ahead.'
But that was about it. Mostly it was just more of this...    To be fair, there are a few who seem to be quite up for it.  The
He challenged Remain to set out their "vision" for the UK
Ex PM also attacked Vote Leave's pledge to increase NHS funding
Boris Johnson today challenged those campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU to set out their pro-immigration vision for
Boris Johnson and his fellow Brexit campaigners are running a “deceitful” campaign which is “depressing and awful”, former
'There’s always been something fishy about Vote Leave’s arguments.'