Trying Co-Stars Rafe Spall And Esther Smith Announce They’re Expecting Their First Baby

The couple shared their happy news during an interview on Lorraine.
Esther Smith and Rafe Spall pictured after their interview on Lorraine
Esther Smith and Rafe Spall pictured after their interview on Lorraine
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Trying co-stars Rafe Spall and Esther Smith have shared that they’re expecting their first baby.

During Tuesday’s edition of Lorraine, the actors – who play a married couple in the Apple TV+ comedy – announced their happy news, having first been romantically linked off-screen nearly two years ago.

“Yeah, I’ve got a little bump,” Esther told host Lorrane Kelly while cradling her belly.

“It’s really exciting, we’re really excited,” Rafe added.

Rafe and Esther shared their news on Lorraine
Rafe and Esther shared their news on Lorraine
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The news will be particularly poignant for Trying viewers, since the show follows a couple who struggle to conceive naturally, before deciding to pursue adoption.

“I am pleased that the show has provided that for people because it is a show about good people trying to be good and I think that all of the audience identify with that,” shared Rafe.

“We all see ourselves as good people in difficult situations. They are a couple that have a great deal of love for each other and those around them and I think that’s really moving and warm and lovely.”

Esther added: “It makes you aware of the struggles of it and it’s not just an easy process of ‘oh I want to have a child’ and you get given one [to adopt].

“You have to jump through so many hoops to get a child… to be matched to the right child as well and for the child to be matched to a set of people.”

Rafe and Esther in character in Trying
Rafe and Esther in character in Trying

The actor added that her role often prompts many people going through similar situations to reach out on social media, sharing that it’s “so moving and so validating” to hear real-life experiences.

“It feels that it means so much to people and it’s so lovely to get that first hand off people,” she shared.

The expecting parents also hinted at what fans of the show will be able to expect from season four, which returns on 22 May, including a very special cameo.

“We’ve got Oscar winner Jim Broadbent,” revealed Rafe, who is the son of Harry Potter actor Timothy Spall.

“That was a real thrill. Imelda Staunton has been in the show. Phil Davis.”

Esther added: “I got to dance with Jim Broadbent, what a dream. I was literally beaming the whole day. Don’t look at our feet, just look up.”

The couple were first rumoured to be dating back in November 2022, after Rafe announced his split from Hollyoaks actor and wife of 12 years, Elize Du Toit, with whom he shares three children.


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