Eight months ago, my cat Star died unexpectedly. The unexpected grief I felt was devastating. His death came as everything else in my life began to come right. He had arrived 11 years earlier when it was all going wrong. A beautiful cat, he came to live with me and my daughter at really difficult time for us both.
A starving child who was abandoned by his family amid suspicions of witchcraft has been pictured on his first day of school
Look for five-pointed stars, VV for Virgins or AM for Ave Maria
As Halloween approaches, the "seasonal" aisle of the supermarket - which now seems to be a permanent rather than an occasional feature - fills with shiny black and purple dresses, spangly wands and orange pumpkin-shaped masks, candles and cakes. Shoppers scuttle past dragging small children and muttering about consumerism and Americanisation.
As Halloween falls, members of the public are being asked to help create a record of ritual markings on buildings that were
It’s the first of August which means two things. Firstly, it SHOULD be sunny. Secondly, there’s a good chance someone you
Earlier this week, while watching a re-run of Charmed over cereal, I naively decided to list my top five favourite witches on Twitter. The backlash was surprising; everyone had their own opinions. This more comprehensive ranking is an attempt to placate my critics before they turn me into a frog.
The marks have been dated back to 1606 Mola buildings archaeologist James Wright said: "King James I had a keen interest