work experience

A gap year can be a great way to experience things you normally wouldn't and offers a break from studying between your school and university education. The key is to make your gap year count by enjoying the time while also building on and developing new skills.
The Government should ensure that businesses do more for us because even if we don't have the adequate training required, we can always learn new things like we normally do seven hours a day at school. The former employment minister Priti Patel believes that we should 'step away from the selfie sticks and put down Snapchat and do some work experience.' Not everyone wants to work when they are sixteen but for those who do, more needs to be done.
It was the best work experience I've ever had, and if there's anything I've learnt it is to talk to as many people as possible, be confident, kind, and invest in a packet of biscuits. I felt so privileged to have been offered such a rare insight to working life and each day I left the office happy, driven and ready for more!
Every job seems to want previous experience, so interning is more important than ever. Dozens and dozens of emails result in multiple polite rejections but then finally; someone is willing to take a chance on you. You're ready to get out there into the wide world and take the first step on the career ladder....
It's a well-known fact that young jobseekers are much more likely to be successful in their job hunt if they have some relevant experience under their belt. Internships and work experience are undoubtedly an important part of finding a job - but they're a lot more than just a box to tick to bulk up your CV.
It's exam season again and, as usual, the focus is on who got what grades. Yet, time and time again employers tell us that what they really care about in new recruits has nothing to do with As and Bs, and everything to do with work experience.
Every year in August, thousands of students across the country wait for exam results to determine what their next step will
If you know what your interests are and what tasks you enjoy, even things like writing or reading or talking, there is always a way to use those skills for the benefit of others. And if you do, it's highly unlikely you'll dread Mondays.
A teenager who was on work experience with an astrophysics professor has been informed he actually discovered a new planet
When entering the world of employment, a degree in your chosen field is fairly essential. A university level of education will be a minimum requirement when looking for a job or graduate scheme after university. But is your degree the most important part of your CV? Perhaps not.