I am terrible at asking for help. If one of the seven deadly sins gets us all in the end, I know already that mine will be pride. I will paint a smile on my face and struggle through every last ounce of my energy reserves before admitting defeat and asking for help. Even there, I have let slip what that means to me: help equals some sort of failure.
Why, if women are feeling marginalised at work and mistreated by their male colleagues, should they be the ones who have to work hard to fix this? But also, let's be honest: once a derogatory comment's been thrown out there - making a phone call for advice on a comeback isn't the cleverest way to respond. You need to do it there and then.
Workers are drowning in monotonous tasks without contributing anything meaningful, new research suggests. According to Microsoft
Sir Hector Sants, Barclays' head of compliance and former chief executive of the Financial Services Authority, has taken
I am 100% in favour of quotas for the FTSE 100 companies. While I know this is deeply unpopular with many, I think it is the only way to create scale change. I totally reject the assumption that with quotas comes sub standard women - that is patronising and sexist.
Spend your days dreaming of winning the lottery? It's not time wasted. New research from Bates College in the US suggests
Anyone who has started their own business will understand that you live and breathe its ideals and its goals; sometimes you can scarcely talk about anything else and it is [almost] as precious as a child.
Almost 21 months ago, I gave birth to my greatest inspiration, my son Corey. After a year's maternity leave I was certain that the full-time job was not for me. So, I decided to embark on a freelance, writing career with the great expectation (albeit unrealistic!) that this was the key to achieving that perfect, work/life balance.
Two out of five small business owners never talk to their staff about their physical or mental health, despite the cost of
If you’ve just been promoted at work, it’s not just your bank balance that will look healthier – your heart could benefit