24/07/2017 08:34 BST | Updated 24/07/2017 08:34 BST

Cheer Up, Mayweather Vs McGregor Isn't That Bad For Boxing

Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The hate and bitterness out there for the upcoming August 26th showpiece fight in Las Vegas is perhaps indicative of the society we are now apart of.

Online hatred oozes out of a small portion of humanity everyday via probably the only outlet they likely have - the internet.

In a smaller microcosm of society, us within the boxing world come across it more than anyone.

One of the most richly full histories of any sport has developed an international rivalry among fans over the years perhaps unrivalled to any other.

Passion often boils over into vicious abuse online in boxing.

Fans from different countries back their guy. That's understandable.

On August 26th both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will have both their supporters and detractors.

That's normal.

But the constant energies focused by some against the fight have been a bit over the top, in terms of some within the sport suggesting that the fight is bad for boxing.

Some even going further saying that it could be the death of boxing.

Lets be realistic though for a second.

Professional boxing has always been entertainment. Always. Just like any other professional sport - whether it be rugby, football, basketball or whatever.

The word 'professional' means that those who compete within the sport earn their living from it. It's a business. People pay to watch. Simple.

It's a job just like any other job.

Yes, Mayweather vs McGregor is stretching the entertainment aspect of boxing - but it's not something that hasn't happened before.

Muhammad Ali famously took on a wrestler called Antonio Inoki in a 1976 exhibition lest we not forget.

People have short memories and history often has a funny way of repeating itself.

The actuality of the Mayweather vs McGregor contest will likely see a one-sided beat down of Conor McGregor as things progress round by round but make no mistake about it, the Irishman will give his best for as long as he's in there.

For as long as it goes, the pride and ferociously driven winner mentality that 'Mystic Mac' possesses in itself will make it for some sort of entertaining spectacle, one suspects.

In the larger picture for the sport, in the grand scheme of things, everyone will move on after the fight. The show goes on, as they say.

Boxing will be just fine.

Big fights within the usual context of the sport will continue.

Mayweather vs McGregor is a once off. A bit of fun that will put boxing on the global mainstream stage temporarily.

Enjoy the novelty and intrigue of it. It will bring new fans to boxing which is only a positive thing.

Boxing needs that. All sports do.

Yes it's a bit of a circus but come on, it isn't that bad for boxing when all is said is done.

Enjoy the madness of August 26th.