Former president is to call an exhibition fight on 20th anniversary of tragedy.
Trump will provide “alternative” commentary to this weekend’s boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort.
Health secretary will outline national strategy for rollout of jabs in TV address on Monday afternoon.
Ashley Theophane was approached by parents during lockdown to ask if he'd train their kids.
Piers Morgan said some viewers of the ITV breakfast show had been concerned on Tuesday.
A well-chosen remark would be an important reminder to the country that its human rights abuses aren’t going unnoticed, Amnesty director Kate Allen writes.
On a surprise visit to my school boxing club, AJ inspired my students and showed them how to take adversity and shape it into something better. A surprising defeat to an unheralded fighter will never change that.
Nicola Adams shares the story of her incredible journey to Olympic glory and how she changed both the public’s perception of the sport, and the opinion of promoter Frank Warren, an outspoken critic of women’s boxing.
“Proper Pina Coladas on me, fellas!”
The latest stats show knife-related crimes are at their highest numbers for nine years – a 45.7% increase. While the government and police debate how best to tackle the crisis, some community figures are taking it upon themselves to stem the flow of murders. In 2014 Dwayne Simpson was murdered when he tried to intervene in a fight not far from his home in South London. In response Dwayne's mother Lorraine set up a boxing gym to honour his legacy of community outreach.