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Bringing Out the Feminine Side - It's Not Just About a Women's Wardrobe!

Wearing a fabulous dress, having a stunning hair-do and make-up to show off our womanly attributes is part of our creative feminine energy. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wearing a fabulous dress, having a stunning hair-do and make-up to show off our womanly attributes is part of our creative feminine energy.

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Kyle Minogue looked wonderful with her plunged neckline at the Cannes Film Festival. Despite having had challenging times with breast cancer, she showed off her feminine side with confidence and a huge smile.

Kate Middleton oozes a wonderful feminine energy - especially when photographed in Diane Von Furstenberg dresses.

After the incident where the wind blew up her dress to reveal her bare bottom she may consider some wardrobe adjustments....perhaps with a weighted hemline like her mother-in-law or some Bridget Jones-style underwear that will start a new trend down under!

But even with such additions, her lovely feminine energy is strong enough to come shining through.

Women's fashion is not always practical - but this can be part of the fun in bringing out the feminine side. This can also give us confidence to feel and look good.

We all have masculine and feminine qualities to draw upon.

How much of each we choose to utilize is up to the individual.

We need to choose at least some of each to achieve a balance.

Masculine logic with a practical focus on preparation and planning are powerful attributes to draw from.

When mixed with a good dose of feminine creative energy to bring out the nurturing, understanding and playful sides, it can contribute to successful outcomes in work and life.

Drawing on both in the right measures can help you deal with challenging situations and reach happy solutions.

Julie Andrews - appearing on ITV's This Morning programme and BBC One's Graham Norton Show recently - reminded me how she displayed an excellent balance of masculine and feminine characteristics when playing Mary Poppins.

Her practical approach - admittedly helped by a spot of magic - brought out her masculine energy whilst she simultaneously displayed buckets of femininity.

I can hear some of you wishing she would fly in now to offer you a spoonful of sugar!

However if we draw upon our masculine and feminine sides, we may discover some answers to our challenges are already there without the need for any magic.

I was called in to a media organization to coach a female client to lead her team with enhanced confidence and presentation skills.

She was constantly feeling she was in competition with one of the men in her team.

Every time she came up with an idea in a meeting he talked over her and dismissed what she was saying.

His male ego and strong masculine domination was too apparent!

His attitude was dismissive and arrogant and he didn't stop to consider the feelings of others. There was no sign of his feminine side apart from his fake tan, gym-toned body and over-sprayed aftershave!

My client struggled to cope with his ego-driven masculine attitude.

During our coaching she came to realize that she needed to bring out more of her masculine mental energy and take control.

I reminded my client of her achievements and why she was made head of the team in the first place. It was because she had the ability to be caring and creative while at the same time being practical and focused.

Her feminine caring side wanted to nurture and help everyone. However, when she let her emotions take over completely she would forget to tap into her masculine side.

Following our sessions she took back control.

Each person had the opportunity to speak when she said so. If he tried to speak over her she looked straight at him, projected her voice without shouting, said thank you for bringing this to her attention and to speak to her after the meeting to follow up.

However if a sensitive issue came up she was still able to deal it by drawing on her feminine side.

Her male colleague started treating her with respect and began to utilize some of his softer feminine side.

Tapping into feminine and masculine energy to the right degree can help change relationship dynamics.

South Koreans seem to be tapping into their feminine energy by introducing women only wider car parking spaces with pink markings! Maybe they are using their masculine side to be practical and the softer feminine touch to show their understanding.

Kylie Minogue and Kate Middleton are expressing their feminine energy powerfully and effectively from the inside out.

It's not just about your wardrobe or a pink parking space.

It's about taking your own spoonful of sugar and remembering how your medicine goes down every time you tap into your masculine and feminine energy to the right degree.

Have fun bringing them both out!