09/09/2015 13:19 BST | Updated 09/09/2016 06:12 BST

Being a Mum in 2015

1. We spend a lot of time seeking advice from Dr Google.

2. When our babies nap, instead of also taking a nap or getting on with all the stuff on our lists, we spend an hour perusing Facebook (and it always goes way too quickly).

3. When we have our babies we really don't like the idea of going back to work and often start thinking of mummy related business ideas.

4. There's SO much information out there... online, in books, from friends and family and sometimes we feel really overwhelmed. It can make us feel neurotic and indecisive about what we're doing but we seek it out all the same.

5. We love daytime TV but don't admit it to anyone.

6. We love the fact that having a baby means that we can wear what the hell we like and not bother with makeup. It's kind of liberating.

7. We can't believe that some people still have issues with breast-feeding. It's 2015 for goodness sake.

8. We obsess over our baby's development and constantly compare him/her to our NCT friend's children. (Although we'd never admit it).

9. We hate it when people ask if our baby is sleeping through the night and wish people would mind their own business.

10. CBeebies is our saviour.

11. We have Amazon Prime memberships and use "one-click" WAY too often.

12. Our houses are taken up with Jungle mats and Jumperoos.

13. We love antibac, milton wipes and just about anything "anti-germ".

14. We have been to A and E at least once because we've been freaked out by our baby's temperature.

15. Ella's Kitchen pouches are the best invention EVER.

16. We love Bugaboos, Uppababies and Angelcare baby monitors (which take ages to work out).

17. We love to carry our babies in slings but worry that we'll trip over


18. We constantly take photos and videos of our babies with our iPhones

19. We love posting said photos and videos on Facebook.

20. We feel Mummy guilt... the whole time...

21. We obsess over the temperature of our little one's room and what tog gro-bag they should be wearing.

22. We don't know whether to let our babies cry it out or to rock them to sleep. There's so much conflicting advice.

23. We love our babies more than life itself but equally love that moment when our other half walks through the door and we can hand them over and pour ourselves a glass of wine.

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