11/06/2014 08:09 BST | Updated 10/08/2014 06:59 BST

Why to Enter the Movies Alone

There is a first time for everything, but most have probably been to a cinema with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a bunch of mates several times. I just went to watch Transcendence, and for once, I skipped the company part and went in singularity. Here are five reasons why you will benefit from doing the same.

1 - Timing

You know that acquintance who's always busy and apparently struggle to fit anything into their schedule? Or that mate who's apparently born ten minutes late and never has managed to catch up with real time? Or most females, who need "five more minutes" to get dressed, which magically always turn into a minimum of half an hour, delaying your apperance and making the transport a stressful hurry? Skip that. Go by yourself. Avoid having to rely on others to make it on time, let alone actually finding some space in the schedule.

2 - No compromise

We all have been in the group of friends who spends more time on deciding which movie to watch than actually watching it, as decision-making seems a foreign word for everybody and nobody wants to be the one who breaks through and voice their honest opinion on which film to watch. That issue evaporates smoothly when there is only one voice to listen to - yours. See whatever you fancy, not having to take others' opinions into account.

3 - Independence

No matter how many apparently good friends you have, or how sublime your better half is, there might come a day when you have to face the world all by yourself. In such a scenario, having to enjoy yourself in public is a handy attribute. Improve that ability by proving for yourself that you don't need anyone in particular to have fun. Embrace the lonesomeness and make memories that are solely your own. After all, you will always be around in your own life, but other people could depart in a blink of an eye.

4 - Focus

You know that friend who always spoils the action or is addicted to comment every scene? You do very well by knowing that he or she is not around at this point. This makes you able to concentrate on the canvas, as you have nothing else to mind, which opens the door to noticing details you could've missed otherwise, giving you a better perception of the story. After all, you don't need to talk to listen and watch.

5 - Post-film

The four of you walk out of the cinema, there are still some hours before the night is up, but yet again nobody wants to table a suggestion of you doing something like having take-away, a pint or head for somebody's place. There you are, caught in a conundrum of lethargic behaviour, as nobody - as prior to going out - wants to stand their ground, carrying the group into their plans. This potentially awkward situation is easily avoidable by enjoying your own being and its presence solely.