05/07/2016 05:04 BST | Updated 05/07/2017 06:12 BST

Music Subset of Anonymous Releases Track, Amerikkka

It's the fourth of July, and in light of the current political climate and general sentiment of urgency for America to make rational decisions before the November elections, a music/artistic subset of globally recognised digital activist collective Anonymous has released a song called AMERIKKKA.

The artist, known only as NEO 10Y is apparently already globally recognised, hence the anonymity - there's buzz online about who it could be... with speculation that it is Banksy, Jared Leto or Kendrick Lamar.

The track itself is experimental but also has an exceptionally memorable hook and has already seen the approval of Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine and Tom Ford.

The message is all about intelligent societal progressive - and after last week's Brexit, it's clearly important that America makes wise decisions before November. The NEO 10Y artwork for AMERIKKKA showcases the masked vigilante with a digital Anonymous mask and QPOC overtones - which makes sense considering the lyrical sentiment.

The track has a Woodkid meets more vulnerable ANOHNI meets Radiohead vibe, and there's a strong and empowering drum and bass twist at the end. Looking at the Facebook and Instagram for the artist, the #AllLivesMatter ideologies and anti-Trump sentiment are quite rife!

You can listen to the song on 4CHAN and Soundcloud below.