16/03/2015 07:30 GMT | Updated 16/05/2015 06:59 BST

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere: The Good,The Bad And The Bubbly... Pt 4

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So... Holy shit... Where did we get up to? Was it after The O2? I can't remember... What day is it anyway?

So, I'm remembering a day off after The O2...that's right, an actual fucking day off. All!!

Was good seeing my boys and my girl. Bought myself a new hairdryer as my old one was starting to annoy me. The new one is already getting on my tits. Badly balanced see?

Paris in the spring is quite frankly... well just beautiful. Fucking LOVE that town. The sun was out. It was warm... all I'm missing is my girl.

The gig was great too. Bit of a come down from all the razzmatazz of the big shows in the UK. Great crowd... some people actually flew in from The Lebanon especially for it, which was nice.

Still got this bloody cold. It's starting to feel more like a chest infection now though. It's beginning to piss me off. Good job Nancy is coming to Milan with some antibiotics...gotta clear this shit up once and for all.

Now I'm not sure what happened after that to be honest. I know I'm currently in Milan. Its been fucking always is.

It's fair to say the Italians love me and long may that continue 'cause I love them right back... the beautiful bastards. The gig was amazing, the kind of gig you'd never want to end. Easily my favourite so far. I would go into greater detail but I'll freely admit I'm suffering with a raging hangover. Nancy did arrive with the medication but she was cracking foxy and we somehow managed to get roaring drunk instead. I guess the meds can wait until tomorrow eh?

I'm fucked... can't believe I now have to go and do some live Italian TV?!

Keep it livid yeah?



PS: Today I have been mostly listening to: I Get So Excited by Real McCoy... Get on it!!!