21/11/2011 06:29 GMT | Updated 21/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol.2) - Apparently, I'm Writing the New James Bond Theme!

Yes comrades...

The Royce Hall was yet another stunning theatre type-thing on the UCLA campus. Two pretty good nights. Strange crowd though. Quite lively the first night, dead as dodos the second! Why is that? Fuck knows. Very odd though.

Did some interview with CBS Morning News. Saying that, it could've been NBC Morning News.

Dunno, can't remember. I'd be amazed if either of their viewership had a clue who I was. The interviewer went by the name of Ben Tracy. Ben Tracy? Wasn't he in the Thunderbirds? He did have some bloody good questions though (that's not sarcasm, by the way).

Was good to be back in Los Angeles. I've grown to love that place. I used to hate it. Didn't get it for years, I like it now though...a sure sign one is getting older, I guess...

Now, I don't know whether you've seen a story that's doing the rounds about me being offered the job of penning the tune for the new James Bond film?

Apparently, I'm being courted by 007 bosses. A meeting will be "taking place in the next few days", with some guy called Michael G. Wilson, whoever he is.

A 'source' says "nothing has been signed or made official."

Of course it fuckin' hasn't!!! Who IS this 'source'? Has he been on the 'sauce'? Bizarre indeed.

You currently find me in San Francisco. Just soundchecked at the Orpheum Theatre.

It's the last night of this particular leg of this particular American tour. Flying home tomorrow. Can't wait. There's shit going on back there and I need to be getting involved in it.

In a bit.


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