03/05/2012 11:54 BST | Updated 03/07/2012 06:12 BST

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Strange Cats These Brazilians

Yes comrades... so, Sao Paolo.

Had a press conference early doors. Bit awkward to start with. It livened up though. It actually ended with my interpreter and a journalist just having a chat down their respective mics!!

The show was fucking mega. What a spectacle. The crowd (or some of them at least) were waving yellow and green balloons as we took to the stage. Looked mega. Great atmosphere. Too much atmosphere as a matter of fact. Not sure if anyone was actually listening... they were sure feeling it though. Could barely hear myself sing. I don't mind telling you I lost it in a couple of places. Think it was being broadcast live on the internet and all!! Lots of very amusing banners, signs, placards etc... Here's but a few examples:

NOEL...WILL YOU MARRY ME? (this kind of thing has now become standard)

WE LOVE SARA!! ( do I and she'd have been most pleased by that one)

FIRE TIM SMITH AND HIRE ME!! (very funny... if you're not Tim Smith... whoever that is?)

And my personal favourite... and this is not a joke...

NOEL...I AM PREGNANT BY YOU!!!!! (??????? and it was held up by a boy!! Reminds me of a similar sign my wife held up over breakfast a couple of years ago!!)

Strange cat's these Brazilians... anyway onto Rio!!

See you there or maybe not.