Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol.2) - Mellotrons and Michelin Star C**ks

05/12/2011 11:58 GMT | Updated 04/02/2012 10:12 GMT

COPENHAGEN (03/12/11):


So...Brussels? Nothing to report, really. Gig was a bit livelier than usual. It rained. I had a great nights sleep...and that's about it.

I'm in Copenhagen. It's raining. And I've just had a great nights sleep.

Who said rock'n'roll was dead? The guy what just delivered my breakfast!!! (He didn't really)

In a bit.


COLOGNE (04/12/11):

Yes comrades.

I'm pleased to report that there's at least SOMETHING to report from our stop over in Copenhagen.

A lovely place. Wonderful people, so here goes...

The day started with a trip to national Nordic television. They (whoever 'they' are) had me on some breakfast TV show called Weekend Weekend. So good they named it twice!!!

As you can imagine the show itself was a bit odd. It consisted of a few TV presenter types stood round an elbow high table talking about...well, I'm not quite sure what they was on about as my Danish is a bit rusty these days. It was a bit like that thing that Tim Lovejoy does back in England on a Sunday.

So there's me, some Danish singer-songwriter, a guy who is - and I quote - "Denmark's foremost authority on that holy instrument the Mellotron" (I made the holy bit up), and somewhat predictably...a celebrity chef, who was gonna cook me an English breakfast.

Now...why is it called an English breakfast? Does anyone know?

One of the presenters did refer to the chef as a Michelin star cock at one point!!! (She meant cook, one would have thought?)

So anyway, after the usual know the ones? They had me and the Mellotron expert stood round a Mellotron and discuss the virtues - of which there are many - of that wonderful piece of machinery. We discussed great Mellotron moments in rock i.e Nights In White Satin, Strawberry Fields, etc...

Now why any of this would be interesting to your average Nordic breakfast telly punter is beyond me but, y'know...whatever. The show was rounded off with a Beatles quiz!!

The gig was in some concert hall. Incredible place. It was like playing inside a hexagonal wooden box. Beautiful.

We played in the round and I must say, it was mega. Being totally surrounded by a load of Nordic beauties is good gear, let me tell you.

At one point a little lad ambled onstage!!! He was only 5 years old!! Just think of how many T-shirts he could potentially buy in his lifetime!!! I think his dad sensed a photo opp' in between songs and shoved him up there. Charlie, his name was (I think). He was from Manchester, I believe!!

A top, top night. My favourite gig of the entire tour so far. Well done.

You find me back in Germany. Cologne, to be exact.

Looking forward to getting hold of the Sunday papers. City bagged another 5 goals yesterday. We are struttin' at the minute. None more so than Super Mario, who scored the goal of the season so far. Check it out, it's hilarious. That kid kills me.

In a bit.


PS: I lost the fuckin' quiz on a tie break!!!

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