11/03/2015 14:35 GMT | Updated 11/05/2015 06:59 BST

Tales From the Middle of Nowhere: The Good, the Bad and the Bubbly... Pt 3

noel gallagher

So... Woke up in Manchester and it was....raining! I used to get really annoyed when I lived there that people would always say "It rains all the time in Manchester". It doesn't rain "ALL the time, it only rains when YOU visit"... would be my standard retort. But I have to say the last 10 times I've been home it's pissed down!!!

Got bored sitting in the hotel so got down to the "Wotsit Called This Year?" Arena early and got bored there instead. As you'll know if you turn up to any of my gigs around soundcheck time, I do try my best to come out and sign stuff for fans and all that... A girl said to me "Can I get a picture?"...

"Just take it." I says...

"Can you take your shades off?" She says...

"I haven't got any on!" I says...

She looked all confused and sad. I didn't actually have any shades on. She would later tell me how much she enjoyed the visuals in the show!?!?!

I do let a few people in to watch the soundcheck from time to time... Why anyone would want to come and watch some fellas going through some slightly half hearted versions of that night's songs is beyond me, but each to their own I guess.

We had to cut this particular one short and kick everyone out as Johnny Marr was to get up with us that night to perform The Mighty I. I didn't want to spoil the surprise for everyone by having some trigger happy social media kid putting it out there. So if you were one of the few that got booted out...sorry 'bout that (I'm not really).

The dressing room was full to capacity before show time. Seriously, I've had less lively after shows!! Which brings me to the show itself...what a fucking buzz... It was/you were immense. Like a football match in the 80's. Fighting, chanting, beer slinging...and that was just the girls!!

It was a true honour to be able to relay the FA Cup QF news to both righteous MCFC fans and the other mob as it happened. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more...the gig or the look on the other lots faces as it dawned on them that for a second season they'll be winning precisely FUCK ALL!!

When Johnny appeared the roar was unbelievable. He very nearly brought the house down!

A special moment for everyone. The way we do "The Mighty I" is great, it sounds like the record. But when we did it with Johnny it sounded EXACTLY like the record.

Manchester you were the bollocks. I couldn't split the gigs between you and Glasgow and that's the highest compliment I can pay any set of fans. Very special...if Carlsberg did Monday's and all that!

Which brings me to Tuesday...London. The 02...on a London. It was probably usually is. But coming after Glasgow/Manchester I'm afraid a Tuesday night in London isn't gonna cut it somehow. There's not much more to say about it really. HIT THE NORTH!!!!!

I'm off to Paris. Before I leave let me say this... This part of my tour has exceeded all expectations. You have been colossal. My/our/your new album sits proudly at number 1, probably only for one week admittedly, but never the less, there it is.

Thanks for all your support. Until the summer...keep it livid!


PS:Today I will be mostly listening to The End Of The Night by The Greenhornes -

Get the fuck on it!!