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Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

In conversation with Gigi Young, Intuit and YouTuber

I could save you a lot of time and heartache by just saying "do what you love". And whilst the solution is that simple the path to the solution isn't always that easy. In a recent conversation with Gig Young, intuit and popular YouTuber, we discussed the path and why the easiest way is actually the best way.

I started modeling when I was 13 years old. This led me travel to Asia, Europe and Africa before I had even graduated high school. I loved the travel and I loved by away from the often cruel High School environment. It helped me mature quickly and it set me on a path of self-acceptance in a trajectory manner. Much like professional athletes and actresses, we are faced with constant rejection which tests our self-acceptance and self-love. The fundamental ingredient to Life Purpose is love and without learning self-love all other love is impossible.

This all became more clear to me in speaking with Gigi Young, also an ex-model who is living her Life Purpose. I discovered Gigi's YouTube channel late last year. Not only is she beautiful (inside and out!) but it's her pure and simple wrangling of complex topics like Life Purpose that make her YouTube postings a must see.

Gigi accredits adverse environments like that of constant rejection as serving as catalysts for discovering Life Purpose; "If you can realize self-love independent of anyone or anything you are on a good course to finding Life Purpose" she said recently. "Everyone has a different path to finding life purpose. Regardless of the path, your Life Purpose is magnetic and is always trying to get you closer and closer to who you are. If you choose to ignore it negative things will happen in your life".

This really resonated with me! My dramatic love life has been well documented in the British press over the years. I've been engaged twice. Both engagements ended in spirals of destruction and trauma - mental institutes, rehabs, lawsuits, prison, and death (the guys, not me!). Looking back, it is crystal clear to me that these events occurred to lead me closer the Life Purpose I am now following. When the men were around I wasn't able to fully realize my path.

"You'll have negative things happen if you ignore your life purpose. All this is to get you to zero point, to get you back to who you are. But the path to find your life purpose doesn't need to be painful. In fact the best way to find your life purpose and pursue it is through pleasure! The universe operates through love. By being in love - self-love, an activity you love - you are most likely to discover what you truly are meant to do in this life".

Gigi is not saying that is you love cooking you will be a chef or shopping you will own a clothing store.

What she is saying is that when you act and exist in love - most easily accessed through an activity you love - you are likely to gain moments of insight and direction as to your path to Life Purpose.

When I started my Huff Post travel blog at the start of last year - rekindling my passion of travel from the modeling days - I conceived of my company which I know to be my Life Purpose. Being in love and passion brings you back to a pure and innocent state wherein your more likely to receive the messages life is trying to send you.

"Act in love, be love, and you'll be surprised how fluid the path is to what you were destined to do", says Gigi. Here is a link to one of my favorite videos of Gigi's, titled, "Do What You Love".

"The best way [to find Life Purpose] is actually through surrender, listening, and intuition. Heart and intuition is better [than pain and struggle] and will show you where to be moment to moment. It is our mind that is always overriding intuition. The easiest way is simply to listen and follow what it says".

Being "in the zone" with an activity you love is close to meditative experience. And there is no way better to quit the mind and open yourself up to intuition than through meditation. "Meditation gives you a moment to get to coherence. In meditation is the first time when many people meet their true selves," explains Gigi.

The simple key to Life Purpose is love. By existing in love more love will come to you and soon you will be in your Life Purpose. Basic laws of the universe - act in love and you will find love.


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