11/11/2015 05:38 GMT | Updated 10/11/2016 05:12 GMT

#TBC. Taking. Back. Control


Taking. Back. Control.

#TBC means take responsibility and action for the result you want. It means if you don't like something that's happening you take the responsibility to drive the result you desire. To #TBC is terrifying but it will change your life.

Here are the three cornerstones to #TBC'ing:

1. SAY. Ask for exactly what you want. Not kind of, not dropping a hint, not a contrived passive aggressive suggestion or comment. Say. What. You. Mean. Say. What. You. Want. You will be shocked how often people simply agree. This is hardest for women.

2. DO. Write the email. Send the resume. Spend the money. Block him. Whatever. The doing is never as bad as what we make up in our heads.

3. BE. You have got to own it. Don't back track, stay strong in that place of integrity and you will be fed more strength. Once you start retreating you lose. People will see your strength and won't protest to your ask or action. You will have to fake it to start but it will get easier. People really just want other people who are willing to take control and own it.

In truth the use of the word control is misleading as we never really have control over life. What we do have in every moment is the decision to put the faith and power in ourselves above anyone or anything else. When I give a person or a thing the power I am often met with frustration and disappointment. Life has taught me to invest faith in myself. Even if the outcome isn't favourable I never live in regret or wonder.

Powerless always comes from ONE PLACE: "I need someone or something to happen for what I want to happen."

This is false. As long as we rely on outside forces we are unlikely to experience the result we want. Accepting ownership of a situation or goal yields ownership

My mom loves my #TBC moments. We should keep a diary because they always come at the pinnacle of a great personal and professional tribulation - the moment wherein I question giving up. I am the soul owner and founder of a disruptive a disruptive start up called Digital Shopping Channel in a foreign country with no outside support. I have to do a lot of #TBC.

Why is the world this way? As a Buddhist I believe there is divinity in us all and part of our lesson on this planet is to recognize this divinity. Humans are infinitely powerful and the more we embrace this power the higher we rise - mentally, professionally, and spiritually.

To #TBC means full responsibility for my life and happiness at any given moment, despite an event, person, or thing. One thing I can always control is my reaction.

Every time you practice #TBC you build a tad more power than the time before. You will better realize when you need to #TBC and when you can surrender. As the #TBC muscles grow so will the miracles in your life

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