"It was a bit shocking to see this so brazenly out in the wild in 2020," one woman tells HuffPost UK.
Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers became the first black woman in the Miss Universe GB’s 66 years to win the competition. Now she’ll go to the Philippines to take on other contestants while being a role model for millions of black women.
The hashtag is not feminist or empowering - it infantilises women and genders an aspiration that should be available to all
Girl power
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The internet, despite its negatives, has become a popular space for the LGBTQ+ community to have a voice.
It's win-win. By empowering employees to become leaders, businesses are helping to challenge and dismantle the status quo.
Empowering the next generation of brilliant leaders by drawing inspiration from existing ones.
One young woman has had enough with being told that only women with a certain (read: thin) body type should be able to wear.
This is the time to talk about what has happened in the past and what was a violation of your human rights and dignity.