26/10/2015 08:09 GMT | Updated 26/10/2016 06:12 BST

Taking It Offline

Let's be honest, learning to live offline is a challenge.

Online is comfy. I can drop or pick up a conversation when I want. I can project the best image of me on all levels (filters do apply). I can pause and come up with super witty or insightful comments. I don't even have to leave my pajamas or my bed. It's kind of the dream. Why leave this utopia?

For me it just wasn't enough anymore. It's weird. I'm technically (pun intended) connected with more people than I've ever been but it's not as fulfilling as it used to be. Reality is starting to feel better - and a whole lot more real. Probably because online often isn't real.

One thing I started doing earlier this year was to stop checking my social feed - generally and never, ever in the morning. Soz friends -- that's why I haven't liked or commented on basically anything you've posted. I am sending you love! Honestly it is way more of a heartfelt love too because now that my life isn't bombarded with tons of images, words, and things that are generally superficial or negative I'm just more of a loving type of person 

What's strange and a bit scary is we don't have much offline community anymore. We definitely need more of a sense of community - the real kind, not the cyberspace kind - or I really worry this world is going to get even more fudged up.

Just look at the Refugee Crisis happening now. That's a sure sign we have lost all sense of community. Aren't we kind of all in this together? Even if we haven't met?

Not all hope is lost. There are some super awesome humans who are stepping up - taking real action in the real world. These guys are such Jedi's:

Zach Hunter, 24 years old: He's not just on this list because we are both from Washington State (promise!). At the age of 12 ZAch started Loose Change for Loosen Chains, rallying fellow hometown students to raise money and build awareness for the abomination of slavery worldwide.

Ryan Hreljac, 24 years old: Ryan became an activist at the age of 6, rallying for the clean drinking water in Africa by way of building water wells. Ryan had family/neighbors match his savings from odd jobs and chores amassing a good chunk of change within a short period, motivating his community and many communities globally.

If you look you will see truly incredible and inspiring people in our generation building communities - offline but we need more. Anyone can do this. Just figure out what your passionate about. For me it's introducing consciousness to my generation and the next gen. Figure out what touches you, Google it, and find an offline way to engage. I promise it is more satisfying than the most likes you've ever received on a Insta post.

I shall leave you with a little tale from Star Trek, which is taken from a the SuperHeroCode ( by Susie Anthony;

The story begins when Voyager is accidentally pulled into a Void, where it turns out other lost ships were struggling to survive. When Voyager first arrived they were instantly attacked by one of the other ships and 90% of their food and supplies were stolen. Voyager's crew soon discovered the other ships already in the Void survived by stealing supplies from each other and whenever possible stealing from new unsuspecting ships the moment they stumbled into the Void.

When Voyager's crew discovered they did not have enough power to leave the Void on their own Captain Janeway asked the other ships to form an alliance where each ship would pool their resources and technologies with the other ships in the alliance and thus they would all find a way out of the Void together. It was difficult to convince the other ships this was a good idea, but eventually several ships did join the alliance, shared their resources and technology, and made it possible for all the ships that were working co-operatively to leave the Void together. Those who refused to join the alliance due to their entrenched patterns of fear and lack were left in the Void to continue as they had before.

Be a Captain Janeway. We need more of her, Zach, and Ryan. And take it offline because that's the world we live in.

Peace out,

Noelle xx