World Peace?

*I dedicate this to those who have not yet seen the hope and potential of the generation of leaders to come.


The only way to fight dark is to shine light on it.

Recent global events have caused us to once again ask -is World Peace possible?

I believe all acts of destruction come from a place of inherited or adopted fear. I do not believe babies arrive on this planet as malicious, hate-filled, blood-hungry kamikaze weapons of death. I believe the human mind and emotions are very fragile and malleable and those born in to a life absent of hope or connection are easily swayed. After the paramount need of food and shelter is carried for (often a recruiting tactic of rebels) humans seek Purpose and Connection. We need to feel a part of something - a company, a family, a community, a cause. Terrorists believe their community and their cause. My belief is that as global connectivity rises so will our ability to shine light on ignorance of which we are already seeing progress.

We've made such leaps and bounds as a population in the last century it is easy to forget how far we have come.

In the last 100 years - a freckle in the 4.5 billion year existence of planet earth - we have made fought slavery, democratized most societies, increased rights for women, increased rights for minorities, fostered conscious communities, birthed shared economies, and countless else. We are living in the most just time in 4.5 billions years.

We have healed centuries of tyranny. The refugee crisis was been shunned by some nations but equally it was embraced by others. Technology allows the capability, like never before, to initiate and spread campaigns of enlightenment to the deepest darkest caves of remote desert as well as across

city streets.

In believing the world is a darker place headed ever faster into self-destruction is to forsake our incredible progress. People must remember and exalt this progress to equality and peace or we are just back at square one.

I believe these external wars are projections of our internal wars. Fear and Hatred cannot exist in isolation. World Peace is wholly possible and only possible as each individual takes responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. Any time we carry thoughts or carry out actions rooted in fear, hate, or jealousy we are perpetuating this in the world. The first and most necessary step in achieving world peace is achieving inner peace.

Based on the laws that govern this planet force is met with more force. Resistance is met with more resistance. The only way to conquer is in changing tact. Martin Luther King says, "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend." Fighting terrorism by brutal force is simply participating in the very action we want to extinguish. By feeding it we are perpetuating it.

I will be posting more blogs in the run up to the new year and love any suggestions on subjects centering on consciousness, community, mindfulness. Please send requests to my company email and we will be sure to reply!

Noelle xx




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