UNRWA has provided direct relief and aid to Palestinians for 75 years. Damaging claims by Israel have left its fate in question.
"When you are together, you can create a home wherever you are.”
Refugee charity says its thoughts are with the person's family and friends.
Home secretary warns immigration poses an "existential challenge" for the West.
More than 500 refugees are presumed to have drowned last week off the Greek coast.
Kemal Kilicdaroglu, who underperformed in the first round after finishing second to Erdogan, has hardened his stance on migration to win over voters. Will it pay off?
“I just want to go home. It’s my town, it’s my flat, it’s my friends.” Hanna Semenenko, who now lives in Oxford, has just returned from a trip to Kyiv.
There are currently more refugees coming to the UK than any time since WW2, but there's still not widespread concern.
It comes after the home secretary admitted the new bill may not be legal.