Build a Business Think Tank

It can be a difficult task running a small business on your own in these recessionary times. Maybe you work on your own or have one or two part time staff on your books. You can have all the same troubles as a big company yet they'll have the team on the ground to talk out the problems and make positive future planning in order to keep the wheels moving.

It can be a difficult task running a small business on your own in these recessionary times. Maybe you work on your own or have one or two part time staff on your books. .

The world is a hub of one person enterprises with an abundance of networking groups that give support. The business consultant, the therapist, the plumber, the florist, the accountant, the small shopkeeper and countless other services and product providers to name a few don't have the luxury of a resolution driven team that can really squeeze out solutions for the inconveniences of the day.

There are no reasons why you can't set up your own personal think tank to look at some of the more common concerns such as the fact that customer footfall is at an all time low, moneys due are not being paid on time, there is no credit from the financial establishments and utility bills, rent and rates are at an unaffordable level. The old saying 'two heads are better than one' applies as business can be a lonely place. Having somebody with whom you can share your daily despairs can help you to find a bright light at the end of the tunnel a little quicker than if you were to go solo.

Find business colleagues that are in similar situations. Start building a brainstorming team for your business. Seek out people you can meet once or twice a month to discuss the daily dilemmas on your desk. Build a business think tank that can help you get on top of your inbox and get your outbox moving; surround yourself with group that can encourage you to move towards your short and long term goals. These people could be business associates in the same or different industries, retired business people who have ample experience and have lived through all business circumstances or associates from your networking group. It's all about connecting, sharing and helping. Do the same for others. Reach out; you got to give to receive. Think tanks are not just for governments and big businesses.

In the 1996 feel good movie 'Gerry Maguire' Rod Tidwell played by Cuba Gooding Jr shouts "Show me the money" and in the 1989 hit film 'Field of Dream's' Kevin Costner's character Ray Kinsella hears a voice in his corn field telling him "If you build it, they will come". That's what we need, more dreams and more enthusiasm. If we don't ask we won't get and if we don't build, they won't come. Learn to ask for support from your fellow business neighbours. People will help. Learn to build. If you have an idea or dream you need to start following it, plan it out step by step and do whatever it takes to take the first steps. Don't give yourself excuses; give yourself reasons and ways to achieve. Have faith and belief in yourself, your ideas and your business.

The first thing to realise as a small business owner is that you are not alone. There are so many businesses in the same boat. The task is not just to keep the boat floating but to get it moving towards a destination that is bright where all aboard can work towards their dreams and goals. Start by writing down the names of the people you'd like to have on your think tank team and ask them to come aboard. Always remember as Robin Sharma once said "Rough seas make great sailors".


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