17/02/2016 08:21 GMT | Updated 17/02/2017 05:12 GMT

First Time Busy Mums Guide to a Baby: Week Four

This is the time when you still struggle with your sleep deprivation, and yet there is some sort of routine in place. You are better at using those precious moments when the baby is asleep, and you have worked out by now which of your friends are really good with babies and are happy to lend a helping hand, should you want to have a bath or even a quick shower or simply finish cleaning up. If you have a partner, by now your partner will be fully accustomed with the baby needs as well and would be able to offer equally good care for your baby... hence it's time to get some attention for yourself! Yes really.

Or as I mention in one of my books: It's time to be Selfish!

• Get out of the house by yourself.

Arrange for your partner, husband or a reliable friend to look after your child for just an hour approximately. Feed your child, change their nappy and head out of the door to the nearest coffee shop. Enjoy a hot drink of your choice in peace.

Tip: It's all in the preparation! Leave a bottle for an emergency feed with the person looking after your baby and a clean nappy or two just in case. Have your phone on in case of an emergency, but don't check it every few seconds frantically.

• Hire a night nurse for a day or two.

Ok, this one is pricey, however, hiring a night nurse for a day or two isn't going to break the bank. Depending on experience, references etc. you are looking at anything between £50-250 per 24 hours. When the nanny arrives, try to follow her around for a bit before you get your sleep and your me time, as you can learn so much from them it's unbelievable! You'll see the techniques for a massage you can then give your baby yourself. They'll probably spot something about the baby you weren't aware of, and they are genuinely happy to chat about everything baby related!

Tip: Hiring via agencies is a bit more expensive, but then they take care of checking references on your behalf. Besides, you can state your preferences such as preferred spoken language, minimum years of experience and so on without appearing to be rude.

• Book a massage.

Choose the massage depending on how you feel and the side effects of your labour. While some feel great and ready to go for a full body massage, for some it's only legs and head massage that we may find relaxing at this point. And best if you could book it for the evening your partner or your temporary nanny can look after the baby throughout the evening and night, that way you'll get a really nice restorative sleep that will make up for many many sleepless hours.

Tip: Don't jump at all the treatments at once. Perhaps one hour is best, and you can have a mini facial and mini massage if you like, rather then just a massage.

• Shopping.

Shopping online that is ;) By now you would have lost a bit of the baby weight and your usual clothes still don't fit you... It's time to get shopping. There is no need to splash out, but a new pair of trousers or a top that actually fits you right now and perhaps a pair of shoes that's on sale could put a smile on your face and make you feel feminine again.

Tip: Many online shoppers have a permanent sale-rail, such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters for example. As your body will keep shedding that baby weight, get the items that would fit you nicely for a month and not more.